fredag 2. august 2013


So, it's actually been a while since we returned from Melbourne, and really haven't had the time to tell you about it. Semester start and all... I guess your all dying to here what happened in Melbourne?! Well, the wait's over, folks! Enjoy! :)

Spent over 2 weeks down there, so this is just a summary, won't bore you with the details :)

Sightseeing in Melbourne City

Eureka Sky Deck

Donuts at Victoria Markets

Family time, a high priority, of course. And just have to say thanks again to my fabulous family who took us in and treated us sooooo well! Spoiled us, did you! Toby got to meet a lot of people for the first time, and new to both of us was little Zoe. We also had a hope to meet Maria and Blair's new baby before we left, but she didn't wanna come out in time, so we're going back in November to see her :) And for that, we're actually bringing Mr. and Mrs. Sigmond from Norway! Hurra!

Second day in Melbourne: big family dinner at the local pub,
and celebration of Lachie's 3rd birthday with tante Bente's homemade cake :)

Zoe and Ricky

Driving to see Sven, Cat, Jake and Liam

Having fun learning to play Australian Footy

Jake really knows his footy, and gave us a thorough intro to the rules 

Lachie loves simulating dramatic falls

Indian restaurant in Ascot Vale

Who's got the bigger belly?

The guys (Ricky and Blair) took us to a footy match on the great Melbourne Cricket Ground to see Northern Melbourne vs. Sydney Swans. Blair goes for the swans, so we did to ;) An amazing stadium that can take almost 100.000 people. This game didn't have more than about 30000 spectators, so it was  "glissent", as we say in Grimstad..
Ricky and his nephew, Malik

Toby and Blair

A long way up to the top..

Ricky and Liz took us to Ricky's parent's home in Point Lonsdale for a few days. Had amazing weather, and got to see the coastline of Victoria. We went for a drive on Great Ocean road, had fish&chips by the beach, learned more aussie rules, had a barbecue, went to a winery ++. Perfect days!

Great ocean road

How to kick an AFL ball...

"not sure I get the point of this sport..."

Point Lonsdale, Queenscliff ++

Jack Rabbit Winery and wine tasting in the most beautiful surroundings!

Fantastic view!

And very good food!

Boys+ food= love

 Tante Bente lent us her car for some days, and one of them we drove down to St. Kilda to have a look around

Beach houses! And a lot of them! In all kinds of colours!

All in all: an amazing way to spend the holidays!

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  1. For et koselig innlegg! Ser ut til at ferien var fabelaktig! Lykke til med det nye semesteret! og når det er slutt, kommer dere jo hjem! Vi gleder oss:) alle 4!

    1. Gratulerer så aldeles mye!!! kjempekos! Gleder oss til å treffe alle 4 :)