torsdag 5. september 2013

Et lite hei fra oss!

Spring is here :) Watching election campaigns in both Norway and Australia. Have to say, like the Norwegian ones better..

Just handed in two assignments, so now I'm taking the time to write a short update from Brisbane. Spring is here, and we're sweating already.. ;) Still chilly in the evenings, but the temperature is reaching towards the mid 20's most days. Good times! 

Uni is still taking up most of our time, Toby's more than mine. This week is actually Toby's mid-semester break, but still he's at uni all day every day. But guess what?! He's taking the weekend off, and we're renting an apartment a bit further north, in Mooloolaba (destination chosen mostly because of the name). Hoping for 3 relaxing days tanning on the beach :) 

Brisbane by night from "the city hopper"

Actually, we have also had a day trop to Currumbin, about 2 hours by train to the coast. Good times! Toby realised he could do that more often ;)

Funny birds in Australia :) Watch out though, they attack you! crazy...

A couple of weekends ago I went to Byron Bay (NSW) with 4 Norgies. We rented a car, and stayed at a hippie hostel down there. Very relaxed little town :) The best thing: we booked a Toyota Camry (the cheapest one), but ended up driving an SUV instead, for the same price! Oh yeah! And Byron Bay is an amazing spot. Sunday morning we got up at 5, drove down to the beach and walked to the lighthouse and Australia's most eastern point to see the sunrise. A couple of whales and some dolphins joined in :)

BBQ on the beach

Oh what a car :)
Coconuts for sale dude!

Besides this, we're looking forward to a visit from Norway! Jon and Ia are coming in just two weeks! See you soon!

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  1. Det ser ut som at dere har det helt greit! ;) Flotte bilder:)


  2. Hei,gildt å følge med på bloggen deres ! Gleder meg til å se dere og Australia!!!