søndag 15. september 2013

Australian Beaches and such...

We know that it's starting to get cold in the north, so here are some pictures to warm you up/ make you jealous :)

Last weekend Toby took 3 (!) days of uni, and we went to Mooloolaba, and stayed in a huge apartment  (with a balcony, oh yeah) together with Stine and Grant. Lovely place, could see the ocean from the room as well. Good times!! Had a barbeque on the lawn, and ate a lot of frozen yoghurt. 

Picture time!

A coffee while we're waiting for the bus 
Toby bought a hat, which is more important for some than others
(say no more)
The room came with a glimpse of the ocean 

Mooloolaba beach

This week the Brisbane Festival started, and we've watched a great light show on the river, and free outdoor concerts :)

Yesterday (Saturday) I went back to Stradbroke island, with Stine and Linda. Lovely place! Saw a pack of dolphins swimming by while we ate lunch on cliff, and visited a beach that really made us feel like we were on a desert island. Lovely!!

Not the worst spot to have lunch :)

Frenchman's beach
In 3 days we'll be welcoming Jon and Ia to Brisbane! Save travels folks!

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