søndag 6. oktober 2013

Visitors from the far north! Og mere til...

Brisbane festival, City of Lights

The last weeks (almost all of September), Brisbane festival has been happening. We have to admit, we haven't explored it as much as we probably should, but we have seen some amazing light shows. There were shows on the river every night, and at the last day of the festival we witnessed the Sunsuper Riverfire. Amazing fireworks, and military helicopters and jet planes entertained us from just above the river. The fireworks are impossible to describe, so I'm not gonna try to do so. But I will say that they sort of SMASH New Years Eve in Grimstad... ;) And they last a bit longer as well (20 mins). 

The light garden

Lots of pink rabbits all around the city

Toby and a random kangaroo made out of car stuff.. 

Excited crowd

The nightly light show on the river 
Banana pancakes= new favourite

They brought treasures :)
Mamma og pappa Selås in Brisbane

Very nice to see some family again! Jon and Ia were here for almost 2 weeks, and I think they had a good time in the sun and heat. We didn't have as much time to spend with them as we wanted (lots happening at uni), but they're grown ups and managed very well to take care of themselves :)  

Still awake at 9 pm after a looooong flight,
half the way around the world

Lovely Brisbane riverside

We actually went on a day trip, all of us together! Rented a car and drove south to Currumbin (we've been there a few times now :)). Had a good day at the beach, and finished it all with a coffee and ice cream in Surfers Paradise on the way back to the city.

Rubber Ducky is finally travelling again :)

Looks real, but is it?

 Jon and Ia also went north one day, they saw koalas and kangaroos, went on several ferry rides on the river, saw Toby's campus, went to the city beach etc. We did also take advantage of their free washing machine, and had lots of lovely dinners together, both in their apartment and out on the town :) They also got to see the Riverfire, and I think they were just as amazed as us. 

Good times!

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