fredag 11. oktober 2013

Heading slightly north, and back again..

Last week I (Ingrid) had mid-semester break, a lovely concept :) Used it to see a bit more of Queensland, some hours further north than Brisbane: Glasshouse Mountains, Hervey Bay, Noosa and Maroochydore. My company on this spectacular journey was 4 other Norgies, and a British girl. Rented a big car, and took off.

Brekkie in Brisbane before take-off
First stop: Glasshouse mountains

Fun with pictures... :) 

Burrum Heads and Hervey Bay

This definitely became the place for yummy veggies, fruit and meat. Had some awesome bbq dinners on the veranda, and nice, long breakfasts before we took to the beach.

Hervey Bay
Stine, Claire and myself had a splendid ride on a 3 persons bicycle. Had a good laugh while we struggled to manoeuvre this massive bike. Loving the helmets, by the way..

Didn't feel like the smartest people on earth, though..
Guess the picture speaks for itself..

A very long pier, with a view over to Fraser Island

Noosa, surfing and hiking.

Noosa became the place to learn how to surf. Was very much fun, indeed! Had three nice and sunny days here. The last day we took a walk in the national park, hoping to see dolphins and koalas. Ended up just seeing nudists at Alexandria beach.. But it was an amazing trail, and we stopped at some really nice and quiet beaches.

Practicing headstands in the sand


Another nice, long breakfast with lots of fruit
Fun in the sand..

Thanks, Claire, for volunteering!

I left the gang in Maroochydore to go to Brisbane and join my dear hubby for a concert at the Riverstage. It was an outdoor viewing of Lord of the Rings, Two Towers, with live symphony orchestra. Was amazing, and definitely not something you do everyday :) 

All in all: A magnificent way to forget about university stuff! Now we're back in the library, trying to finish off the remaining assignments and preparing for the upcoming exams. Toby is working like a hero, as always. He's holding a big seminar next week, in addition to finishing research reports and pain assignments etc. He is looking forward to some weeks of holiday in a months time :)

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