søndag 2. juni 2013

May in Brisbane

It's been a while, people! And we're most definitely sorry! But you know how it is; end of semester and all that jazz... But here comes a resumé of our last month in Brissie. 

Lazy Sunday in New Farm


 This was for sure a highlight in May! Toby was at school, so he kind of missed out on most of the fun... But I (Ingrid, if anyone should be confused), dressed up for Norway day and took the ferry to West End and Mariann, Julie and Sigrid who had made a fantastic breakfast including brunost, stabburet leverpostei, krydderost fra Tine, lake and a massive fruit salad for breakfast- dessert :) 

We took the ferry back to QUT and started the celebration with 1000 other norwegians there. We bought flags and vafler med brunost before we started the parade in the city centre. It was really cool, because the police stopped the traffic for us as we walked through the main streets of Brisbane. People sent us confused looks from the sideline, but think they thought it was nice more than anything else. I even manage to drag 2 of my classmates with me in the parade. Don't think they were too intimidated :) And they loved vafler med brunost :) The weather was amazing by the way! Nothing but sun!

After the parade we had ice cream, hot dogs and more vafler at the Kidney lawn at QUT. There were speeches and norwegian songs and lots of happy people all around. Missed my bunad a bit, even though it would have been way too hot to wear it..

After the traditional (not so much) dinner at the cheap and lovely asian restaurant Jackpot, and frozen yoghurt for dessert, we moved along to eat dinner along with 200 other ANSA members. Toby joined us for this for a while, but he had to be at school at 10 the next morning + do some more work before he went to bed, so he didn't stay for too long ;)

All in all: Fun to celebrate Norway Day in Brisbane


After our magnificent victory in ANSAs scavenger hunt some weeks ago, we were going to collect our prize: Sunset cruise on the Gold Coast. In a catamaran. I have to say I loved being out on the water (can't really say ocean, cause it wasn't an ocean...), and in a boat again! Just lying still listening to the water skvulpe. 

Other than this, we're pretty much spending our days at school reading and writing assignments. I've only got one assignment left, and one exam that isn't until 24 June. So... I'll have to be creative and find some fun stuff to do while everyone else is sitting at school preparing for their exams.. Toby is booked out all day every day, as always. But we are looking very much forward to 26 June, because then we're going on a roadtrip to Sydney, and then to Melbourne to see the family there. Can't wait!

Fikk koselig kort fra morfar og Ellen Grethe! Tusen takk!
Kangaroo for dinner in Toowong

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  1. FIn mai! Høres ut som dagens bursdagsbarn har det travelt! Håper dere har fått feiret litt:) Stor gratulasjon fra alle oss her i skjærgårdsveien!!