mandag 29. april 2013

Whoop whoop! We're back!

G'day folks! How are y'all going?

The days really go by quickly, and we're already in week 9 at uni! Still studying hard, had some more exams and assignments. All good :) Now we're looking forward to celebrating 17.mai in the Brissie! Can't wait to report back on that!

Anyway.. A brief summary of the last weeks:

Toby had his first exam, which he totally nailed, and that requires celebration. So we went to San Churro, a chocolatteria, an had chocolate fondue. Lovely, and makes your stomack kind of unhappy after a while.. But love the place!

An new night in West End with Mariann, Sigrid and Julie. This time Stan and Toby joined as well. We had home made pizza, which is rare for us; we only have a microwave.. And the reason why we were really there: to see "space jam"! Amazing! The guys fell asleep a few times, but who can blame them... Those hard-working boys.. 

 And we've found a new favourite study area, at QUT, of course. They've got a BIG screen with underwater pictures and whales swimming around and stuff. You can also touch the screen and make it do things! Oh, that technology... It also has really cool areas with old furniture and funny-looking hats :)

Had a new trip to Currumbin with Thea and Mariann, this time the weather was perfect :) Lovely place! Surfer's paradise without all the commerse.. Just plain, likeable aussies and us :)

 And now, some Australian culture: ANZAC day. A day to remember the fallen in war. A parade in the city, with heaps of military vehicles and old men marching in uniforms. 

This weekend's activity: Scavenger Hunt with ANSA. And guess who won? Yes, we did. "Et lite stykke Norge" dressed up as Askeladden og de gode hjelperne (+little red riding hood).

So long, godtfolk!

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  1. Det er godt å lese at dere fortsatt har det bra:) Snart sol og sommer her også (håper vi:)). kleeems fra tre som savner dere!