søndag 14. april 2013

Week 6, back at school

En liten oppdatering fortjener dere jo der hjemme ;)

Not much fun and exiting stuff happening at the moment, we fill our days with school work; preparing for exams and writing assignments. Ingrid's got her first presentation in english next friday. Help..
 Loving it ;)

But we have managed to do some fun stuff during the week; cinemas last sunday ("The Croods", totally awesome!), quiz with ANSA on thursday, and enchiladas in West End with the girls (just Ingrid), while Toby was eating pizza with his classmates at shool :). The girls in West End had candy from Norway!

Thea, Mariann, Sigrid og Julie

Et lite stykke Norge in Brizzie :)

Saturday we went to K- mart (Clas Ohlson bare enda billigere og større og mindre verktøy...), and got a duna (it's getting colder), and Toby got shoes, pants and shirts because he is starting clinicals in a hospital soon. Lookin' smokin'!

Today the sun has returned to Brizzie, and Ingrid is taken her anatomy books down to the city beach to tan and read. Love multitasking. Toby is, surprisingly, at school. 

South Bank by night

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